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Sustainability Challenges - Month by Month

Each month, we encourage you to be more sustainable in some very important areas. While everyone is free to choose their own method of conservation/sustainability, we've listed some ideas at the bottom of this page. Feel free to get some ideas from the web sites listed below, as well.

    • March 2013 - Time Recovery
    • April 2013 - Alternative Transportation
    • May 2013 – Water
    • June 2013 – Recycle
    • July 2013– Energy
    • August 2013 – Resources
    • September 2013– Pay It Forward (Volunteer!)
    • October 2013 – Global
    • November 2013 – Self / Family
    • December 2013 – Teach
    • January 2013 - Health / Wellness
    • February 2013 - Shop Local

Ideas for sustainable goals

  • Plant a tree or start an organic garden.
  • Volunteer a few hours in a park.
  • Organize all volunteer crew and pick a sustainable cause.
  • Save 100 gallons of water for the month.
  • Save 100 gallons of irrigation water.
  • Install rain water capture system for lawn irrigation at home.
  • Recycle for a week or start an at home recycle program.
  • Establish a community based recycle program
  • Start the process to switch out home light bulbs for LED.
  • Car Pool one day or organize and set up a permanent car pool.
  • Set up community based car pool system. 
  • Establish Smart House or go black for a day/week/month.
  • Bike, walk or use public transportation for a week or switch permanently.
  • Donate household items to community organizations or churches.
  • Eat organic for a day/week/month/permanent.
  • Eat vegetarian organic day/week/month/permanent.
  • Start once per week family game night
  • Start one hour per evening family time.
  • Organize neighborhood sustainability awareness.

Learn more about sustainability

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