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2004 Imprints Contributor Biographies

Gloria Apfel is a student at CF.

Kristin Bil is a 22 year-old English major. She is married and enjoys photography because when she snaps a picture, the subject is really something she envisioned long before she ever encountered it.

Georginia Brwonell a 42 year -old single mom of one daughter named Kaitlyn. She currently is the Writing Center Coordinator at CF. Her poem is dedicated to her family for giving her the will to keep fighting.

Michael Carson is a student at CF.

Trinity J. Chancey loves writing, words, and hopes to publish her own anthology of poems in the future. Her favorite poets are Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allen Poe.”Empty, I echo to the least footfall.” Sylvia Plath, Barren Woman.

Michael Clanton identifies with the ideas of futurism, disdains imitation, and venerates the element of madness. He thanks everyone who has inspired him, intentionally or accidentally.

Ron Cooper has taught in the Humanities Division of CF since 1995.

Sandra Cooper teaches English Composition and Technical Writing at CF. Born in South Carolina, she now lives in Ocala with her husband Ron and their three children.

Lori Dickey is an Education major at CF. She gives thanks to God, her mom, daughter, friends, teachers, Imprints, and Wings of Faith Fellowship for their encouragement. Life is worth writing about!

Bridget Dunn is graduating from CF in ’04 and is transferring to Florida State University to pursue a major in interior design. Her interests include dance and art and she is the 2004 Ms. CF.

Veronica Eason is a student at CF.

Gemma Galeoto is a first year student at CF and is the Forensics Team captain. A pre-law major, she hopes to become a prosecuting attorney.

Travis Harvey is a student at CF.

Jennifer Link is a student at CF.

John Gillespie Magee, Jr is a student at CF.

Lorena M. McCollister is a 31 year-old student, housewife, and an old 80’s head-banger with a bit of “in your face” assertiveness. She has been writing poetry since she was ten. Having recently escaped from Chattahoochee, she became the editor of Imprints 2004. She will receive her AA in English this spring.

Annelise Meeicke is a student at CF.

Nancy Moskovitz is a student at CF.

Katie Pell, aside from her writing, she is passionate about horses, as she will be attending a private university for Equine Studies in the fall to help her pursue her Olympic dreams. She says “Thanks Mom, for your support.”

Sandy Pell was a past Imprints editor and contributor. Sandy’s photography was recently published in 24 Hours of Ocala. She writes the monthly humor column for Ocala Style, is a “horsey mom” to Katie and loves music.

Clarissa Pilapil is a student at CF.

Marie Poulos is 32 and used to live in New Jersey. She moved to Florida in 1985. She gradated with an AS degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently majoring in English. She is a member of the 2004 Imprints staff.

Cassandra Robison has been teaching English and Adult Education for twenty years and has publications ranging from poems and short stories in small literary magazines to a textbook on teaching biography and autobiography in the classroom called Portraits: Biography and Autobiography in the Secondary School published by NCTE. She is Assistant Professor of Communications at CF.

Farrah Rosemond is a CF graduate, currently working at the CF child care center. When not working, she enjoys reading, and working on her writing skills, TV, music, and video games.

Megan Sauls is a student at CF.

Barbara Sinckler is a student at CF.

Kristine Switt had her works in Imprints 2001 and Imprints 2002. She was on the staff of Imprints 2002 and the Patriot Press(2003). She is indebted to CF for the opportunities provided and to Debra Vazquez and Dava Tobey for the excellence of their instruction.

Lauren Taylor was born in a small mountain town in northwest New Jersey. She is an avid reader and writer. She hopes to spend long years opening young, old, and in-betweeners, eyes to the wondrous world as portrayed through art, invention, literature, religion and so on. You will one day find her at your local museum with a wild look like Indiana Jones sparkling in her eye.

Michael Trent recenlty relocated from Atlanta to Ocala in 2003, he was a poetry fellow at “Summer Poetry at Idyllwild” and a resident at the Blue Mountain Center. He also co-founded the Roxbury Film Festival (, which is held annually in Boston each August. Currently he is working on collection of poetry called Hung, based on “lynchings.”

Rubén Uribe is a student at CF and the 2004 John Dixon Copp Poetry award winner.

Debra Vazquez is the Faculty Advisor to Imprints. She has been published in The Southeast Review, Visions International, Potomac Review, American Literary Review and others.

Madeline Vermeer is she who shall inherit the earth.

Andrew Wade is a student at CF.

Lauren Walters is a student at CF.

Kim Womack a wife and mother returning to school after 26 years to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. This is a great honor! Thank you.

Gisela Zuelch is a student at CF