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Ozzy by Andrew Wade
Untitled by Michael Carson
When a Man Loves a Woman by Megan Sauls
Perpetual Motion by Bridget Dunn
Untitled by Lauren Walters
Untitled by Clarissa Pilapil
Life Unscripted by Barbara Sinckler
Untitled by Annelise Meeicke
Untitled by Lauren Taylor
Cat-atonic by Sandy Pell
Untitled by Travis Harvey
Untitled by Kristin Bil
Untitled by Kristin Bil
Disgust by Lorena McCollister
Untitled by Madeline Vermeer
Untitled by Madeline Vermeer
Poetry Painting
Reflections by Farrah Rosemund
Friend by Trinity J. Chancey
November Love by Rubén Uribe
Leaving the Pony by Cassandra Robison
Mighty King by Marie Poulos
Balancing the Edge by Lorena McCollister
Love, Many Meanings by Trinity J. Chancey
“Appasionata” by Debra Vazquez
Farewell to a Season by Katlyn Parker Nolan
Northwest Passage by Kristine Switt
High Flight by John Gillespie Magee, Jr
Ghazaling Negro Dreams by Michael Trent
Untitled by Lauren Taylor
Helen, Retired by Ron Cooper
Ir a Un Entierro by Sandra Cooper
Sane? by Lorena McCollister
Spinning by Trinity J. Chancey
Gone by Katie Pell
Song to the Banyan by Virgil Suarez
A Conversation With Death by Georginia Brownell
Waking Life by Lauren Taylor
Waiting by Kristine Switt
Mint Chocolate Chip by Madeline Vermeer
Ice Cream by Marie Poulos
Consumed by Michael Clanton
Family Outing by Veronica Eason
Dreamscape by Gloria Apfel
Anniversary Roses by Nancy Moskovitz
Untitled by Gisela Zuelch
Marketplace by Gisela Zuelch
Untitled by Jennifer Link
Untitled by Gisela Zuelch


Beautiful Butterfly by Kim Womack
Wind by Trinity J. Chancey
Untitled by Lauren Taylor
Untitled by Marie Polous
H.T.R. by Katie Pell
Andrew by Katie Pell
Untitled by Lauren Taylor
Short Stories
Diary by Madeline Vermeer
What was in a name? by Lori Dickey