John Ahern
I am currently seeking a degree in Computer Information Technology but enjoy writing as a way to relieve stress. Having no previous writing experience before last semester, I am honored that my work was considered for publication. It makes me want to continue writing and see just how far I can go.

Ariane Anderson
Twenty two years of marriage, five children and a passion for the arts have taught me the necessity and value of interpersonal communication (my intended major).

Georginia Brownell
Writing—Catharsis, Love—Ruben, Life—Katye.

Amber Camilleri
I’d love to write professionally. Unfortunately, I’m not terribly fond of Ramen noodles or sleeping in my car.

Ron Cooper
Ron Cooper has taught in the Humanities Department at CF since 1995.

Sandra Cooper
Sandra Cooper teaches English and Technical Communications at CF. She is the mother of three inspiring and aspiring writers.

Rebecca Davis
Rebecca L. Davis is earning her A.A. degree at CF. Her interests include creative writing, singing, quiet walks along mountain streams, breathtaking waterfalls, and stimulating conversation. She intends to transfer to either Western Carolina University or Toccoa Falls College in the Smokey Mountains to finish her education.

Betty Gray
Betty Gray is pursuing a degree in Business with a minor in English. She is an assistant editor of Imprints 2005, and a certified tree-hugger.

Chris Kasper
Chris Kasper is a Christian writer who lives in Summerfield, FL. He is a leafy, green individual who enjoys the culinary arts and publishes his non-formal musings at

Bradley Jon DeLoatche
I look forward to the day I have the work of my life laid out around me.

Juliana Marie
I am majoring in Creative Writing with the intention of teaching at the college level. I write mostly in an online chat room and at poetry gatherings doing improv poetry.

Rachel McDonald
I recently traveled to the Mecca of Hip-Hop. The Four Elements inspired me to write of my
newfound higher consciousness. I’d like to thank Jezagod.

Russell McDonald
After several years of unfulfilling jobs I have returned to school in order to discover new insights which will enhance me personally - and professionally if possible.

Ellen Metcalf
Ellen Metcalf is a sophomore English major. She plans to complete her BA at the University of Florida. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband Rick. Her goal is to teach English internationally and eventually advance to education administration.

Nancy Moskovitz
Artists are fortunate in that they are able to really see so much – color, line, shapes, relationships, and beauty in the ordinary. When I teach, my goal is to open that world of seeing to my students. When I paint, my aim is to communicate my vision in hopes that the viewer will see something new and exciting as well.

Sandy Pell
Sandy Pell, an Imprints contributor and former editor, was the humor columnist for Ocala Style for four years. Her poem, In my Garden, is dedicated to her daughter Katie, “a future Olympian.”

William Philbin
I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. I moved to Florida one year ago. Things have been tumultuous ever since, and at the same time I’m glad I’m here.

My little dedication: To a girl who drove me crazy. I enjoyed your company nonetheless.

Christine Reidy
Christine Reidy – often links prose and poetry with art depicting the imaginary. Favored media are paper montage and pen and ink. Her current project is writing and illustrating a children’s

Rubén Uribe
I write to give voices to the voiceless and to honor love.

Su Zi
Certain excitements: German Expressionist Art, kisses, horses, trees.

Additional CF Student and Faculty Contributors
Stephanie Bauer, Valerie Gallwitz, Patricia Gilman, Shelly Haimes, Towarna Matthews,
Bill McGovern, Ellen Metcalf, Kathleen Miller, Matt Overfelt, Kristin Pressey, Cassandra Robison, Yesenia Ruiz, Josh Strigle, Andrew Wade, Gisela Züelch.


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