Photography:  The Language of Flame
Photography | The Language of Flame | Sean McQuinney
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Long ago a white coat
Condemned a life
With hollow words
Whispered and left to hang
In the air as soot
Waiting, Waiting
Patiently, Patiently
Watercolors brush me black
A time to live; a time to die
Searching for a God who
Gives new life
The flames of fire begin to dim
Pounding, Pounding
Coughing, Coughing
God’s hands are empty again

People begin to embrace
Me with apologies for past and present
Their hands clasped over mine
Breathing weighted words
Into the air so desperate sounding
Fade in and out; a requiem for pain
Choking, Choking
Losing, Losing
Soon as the night will be leaving
Mortality arrives
Fire wanes
To stone and fallen embers
Presenting what will be
Grasping, Grasping
Dying, Dying