So like the dog
Protecting a juicy bone,
He hovers,
Possessing an unimaginable power.

Alone in a cave of his design
He embarks on an infinite pursuit.
The solitary figure on a battleground of evil diversified,
He challenges and claims victory.

Surrounded by the charcoal space
He courageously wields his mighty weapons.
He is the spy with the Golden Gun,
The green-attired holding the Master Sword,
The camouflaged with dual automatics, and
The destined showering down magic spells.

How strange to hear, “Unfair!”
And, “I already KILLED you!”
In a place so full of action.
Mystical atmospheres shift
And are blown away by the intruder
Who invades the darkness
To find Jonathan repairing the controller.

Within minutes he will once again
Be prepared to wage war against evil.
He’s a hero in so many games,
Yet completely unaware, while flashing a knife,
That a hero he already is in real life.