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Sarah Olson

Aboard the Norton Sound
I am commander
Annapolis trained
war field knows my rank.
My grand ship
heavy steel to churn
blue waters white
dignified power
my reflection.

My sailors so young
haughty hearts and high spirits
yet to taste the heat
of battle
still know they their commander.
Hard minds to mold
skin still soft.
They wave enthusiastically
to family
all they know.

My daughter boards
to bid farewell.
Ice blonde hair
red lips and high heels
white dress whisking.
Cat calls and glances
sailors tip hats.
Snap to attention
guard her honor?
Or let looks linger
one last time?
A light kiss on my cheek
my pride.

Now calls the sea
youths’ nervous excitement
a debt to duty.
My boldness befalls them
wisdom I lend.
War drums of old
in our hearts
a lucid dream.
Young chests swell
I am commander.
Great ship sail forth
road to battle.