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Dogwood by Peggy Aiello
Hooterville by Alison Scott
Beneficent Echo by Ariane Anderson
Through the Wound and into the Bone by Chris Davis
Monsters and Acorns by Martha Fletcher (Fiction)
Accolade to the Morning by Lacey Hudspeth
Appleton Ventured by Richard VanWagner
Siberian Sunshower by Amanda DeBusk
In an Echo’s Wake by Richard VanWagner
Magnolia Avenue by Natalie Lyons
Homegrown by Sheila Gonnsen
Opneveren by Chris Davis
The Ledge Rock Inn by Martha Fletcher
She Wore Many Hats by Peggy Aiello (Non-fiction)
The Cuban by Lacey Hudspeth
Charles L. Westhofen by Sarah Olson
For Charlotte by Frank Hukill
Heart-Charm by Sheila Gonnsen
Hidden and Waiting by Daniel Mainwaring
The Inheritance by Marjorie Martin
Last Haircut by Natalie Lyons
Ninth Grade by Peggy Aiello
A Gardener’s Prayer by Cassandra Robison


Poet Li-Young Lee with Natalie Lyons
Lee is a distinguished author of three critically acclaimed books of poetry and an award-winning book of prose.


Escape Lighted By Sunset by Erika Roorda
The Sound of Silence by Sarah Jo Lorenz
Kim by Amelia Kaylor
House of Steel by Michael Brown
Cello by Sheri Gruver
The Judas Kiss by Trevor Denham
Shabbat by Ariane Anderson
Headstone by Leslie Wengler
Rockefeller by Sheri Gruver
Cougar by Andrew Ammer
Misty Magic by Michael Brown
Ruins by Leslie Wengler
The White Door by Kelly Sampson
Cypress on the Rainbow River by Carla SanGiacomo
Vintage by Alison Scott
The Swimming Lesson by Virginia C. Stevenson
Passing Pine by Leslie Wengler
Drought Season by Alison Scott
Taco by Kim Schultheis
Nature’s Legacy by Michael Brown
Wisconsin Winter by Nida Laib
Mi Padre by Joel Corazón Vega
Many Miles by Kelly Sampson
Butterfly by Kim Schultheis
Storm of the Eye by Twinkle Bhattachanjya
R.O. USMC C 1/5 by Trevor Denham
As Time Goes By by Allyson Poe
A Walk in the Woods by Leslie Wengler
Clique by Alicia Tibbs
This and That by Stephanie Fulkerson
Demo “1” by Verne Ayers