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Andrew Ammer has been accepted at Savannah College of Art and Design. Born and raised in Ocala, he has always had a love for wildlife.

Twinkle Bhattachanjya says, “In my eyes… reality is truth, truth is perception, perception is learned, learning is forgetting… forgetting possibility.”

Michael Brown finds time to enjoy life not merely as an object, but as an art form. “By presenting my view of a sustainable world, my passion for nature will hopefully change our view of the future.”

Joel Corazón Vega is currently a Portuguese major at the University of Florida. He enjoys drawing as a hobby and enrolled in his first ever painting class at CF with Mr. Ayers.

Chris Davis, a poet, is a 21-year-old Philosophy major who finds most of his inspiration from love and the depression and heartache women have put him through.

Amanda DeBusk loves photography, writing, and gypsy freedom.

Trevor Denham served his country in the Marine Corps. Since relocating from San Francisco to Ocala, he has been accepted to Ringling School of Art and Design.

Martha Fletcher, a Psychology major, has a passion for writing. Her favorite poet and inspiration is Anne Sexton.

Stephanie Fulkerson is an artist who lives in Ocala. You may have seen her at Publix.

Lacey Hudspeth now attends Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. Majoring in Literature and Philosophy, she enjoys poetry, honesty, and good conversation. She may later attend Seminary.

Frank Hukill lives in Ocala with his two dogs and writes. He says, “Thanks to Professor Robison my muse has been gently coaxed out of hiding.”

Sheila Gonnsen now attends Dragon Rises College for Oriental Medicine. She says, “What I endure will always shine through to ink on paper in some way. I have found the ability to communicate art in words to be the fondest to my heart.”

Sheri Gruver is a central Florida born and raised artist.

Nida Laib is a photographer and is attending CF.

Sarah Jo Lorenz, a naturalist who aspires to become a professional photographer.

Daniel Mainwaring, a writer, plans on majoring in English and perfecting the art of rhetoric.

Marjory Martin, created by God, is a mother, friend, writer, and lover of words and life.

Sarah Olson will attend UF this fall and major in English. She loves film, storytelling, and is inspired by God, friends, and family.

Allyson Poe is a three time national champion horsewoman who was featured in and also photographed for the cover of Paint Horse Magazine in 2006. Allyson is the student assistant in the English Department at CF.

Erika Roorda, a photographer, plans on a degree in Elementary Education at St. Leo University after graduating from CF. She would love to continue pursuing her art through photojournalism.

Kelly Sampson, born and raised in Ocala, wants to earn a BFA or MFA in Photography. She longs to inspire people through simplicity and beauty.

Carla SanGiacomo enjoys painting, free-form, flowing, harmonic, deep discovery, and self expression.

Kim Schultheis is a senior at St. John Lutheran and attends CF through dual enrollment. She will major in Graphic Design at Flagler College and is anxious to develop her talents further.

Virginia C. Stevenson works in an artist co-op and has renewed her certification at CF.

Alicia Tibbs is a second year art student, a free thinker, and one who expresses herself any way she can.

Richard VanWagner says, “I’m learning not to define myself because I’ve come to understand that by saying what I am, I’m revealing what I am not; and I’ve grown rather fond of freedom to choose in the moment, from all possibilities.”

Leslie Wengler has been a passionate photographer since age 8. Her goal is to continue her education at an art school and become an advocate for conservation and wildlife through her photography.