Loving You Forever

You lived a long life getting to see the world
Taking grandma as your wife always having her to hold
Having six beautiful children
Adding something to each
Like adding milk to your puddin’
Each one having you in their reach
Gazing at a lightning storm watching God’s art
Now you have grandchildren born
Each one holding you in their heart
Now you are a great-grandfather getting to see it all
Now you have to work harder looking at the leaves fall
You gained your last feather flying high above the sky
Soon you’ll be in heaven now there’s no need to try
Your pain is taken away you are now in a deep sleep
As we watch the trees sway we’ll always have you to keep
You passed something on to each we could never forget you
Forever in our reach your heart was always true
Please know this: we all loved you

Kimberly Feltman -- 2004

This is dedicated to my grandfather: Vincent Giambone
He was a son, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and friend to all
He may be gone, but not forgotten. He’s in our laugh, in our smile, and in every little thing we do