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Table of Contents

Artist Spotlight: Cody Christeson
Artist Spotlight:: Lauren Fenech
Artist Spotlight: Saira Lande
In the Write Mind Staff


Patricia Gratton Brown Verses White
Cody Christeson A Short, Tall Tale
Beverly Long Children of the Thunderclouds
Rachel Baril To Market
Cody Christeson Colorful Platters of Memories
Rachel Baril Spring Cleaning
Cody Christeson Ode to Popeye
Lauren Fenech Longing to be Heard
Lisa St. Pierre Pie - Or Is It?
Tyler Waters A Writer's Proposal
Lauren Fenech Regrets
Rachel Baril Rightful King
Tyler Waters Ambience
Patricia Gratton The Robber
Jacob Frank Diamonds
Rachel Baril The Trick to the Test
Heather Chang Brightside
Jacob Frank The Highway
Ruth Draper A Special Doll For A Special Girl
Elizabeth Verone To the Most Wonderful Mom
Tyler Waters Shadow of the Night Wind



Saira Lande Amsterdam Alley
Lee Anne Bisesto The Thinking Spot
Roxanna Coleman Shaded "Jessica"
Karissa Gandee Lost in the Shadows
Roxanna Coleman A Girl Named Roxanne
Stephan Soto Me Van Gogh'd
Savannah Simmons Lighthouse
Stephan Soto Dennis
Mike Arnold Shoes
Saira Lande All The King's Horses and All The King's Men
Ruth Draper Snow Angel Photo
Stephanie Adames My Future