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PTA Program Course Descriptions

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Phase I Course

PHT 2342 Medical Terminology for the PTA
This course is a supervised self-study of medical terminology and abbreviations that describe the pathology of the body systems used in relationship to the practice of physical therapy. Terms associated with diagnostics, surgery, laboratory tests, pharmacology, medical orders, reports and patient care will be included

Phase I or Fall Term Courses

PHT 1000 Introduction To Physical Therapy
Introduces the history of the physical therapy profession, the American Physical Therapy Association and the role of the physical therapist assistant as well as other health care providers. Addresses organizational perspectives, communication skills and practice issues related to both the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice and the Clinical Performance Instrument for the PTA. Key concepts related to the practice of physical therapy are alos presented.

PHT 1014 Documentation For The Physical Therapist Assistant
Presents information, theories, and guidelines for documenting and writing progress or interim notes in the medical record incorporating the language of the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice. Focuses on the needs of PTAs, emphasizes the role of the PTA within the PT team, and covers major types of records including incident reports, phone conversations, reimbursement, legal issues, functional outcomes and goals.

Fall Term Courses

PHT 1130L Data Collection Skills for the PTA
Introduces processes and procedures used to gather information through observation, measurement, subjective, objective and functional findings. Includes range of motion, muscle strength, skin and sensory integrity, vital signs (including respiratory status), postural alignment, body mechanics and pain assessments.

PHT 1175C Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology w/lab
This course covers the relationships between the systems that relate to functional movement of the human body. Covers all functional body movements such as mechanisms, muscles actions, planes and other relationships to body movements. Includes the upper extremity, lower extremity, face and trunk.

PHT 1210C Therapeutic Modalities I w/lab
Introduces patient care techniques including patient preparation, and the theories and practical application of physical therapy modalities. The physiological effects of, indications/contraindications of heat, cold, radiant therapy, traction, intermittent compression and massage are emphasized. Ethical and legal aspects will be included.

PHT 1801L PTA Clinical Lab I
Catalog Course Description:  Introduces actual patient care utilizing beginning physical therapy techniques under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist.  Designed to parallel classroom skills learned during concurrent and/or previous courses.  The college laboratory will be utilized.

Spring Term Courses

PHT 1225C Therapeutic Procedures w/lab
Introduces the rationale and skills for patient therapeutic procedures.Includes traditional exercise routines such as passive, active-assistive, active and resistive ranges of motion, gait training, and other skills necessary to patient treatment.

PHT 1300 Survey Of Pathological Deficits
Introduces the pathophysiology of selected medical, surgical, orthopedic and neurological conditions commonly treated in physical therapy.

PHT 1212C Therapeutic Modalities II w/lab
Provides a study of the rationale, contraindications and application techniques of various electrical stimulation equipment.

PHT 1802L PTA Clinical Lab II
Catalog Course Description:  A continuation of patient care utilizing physical therapy assessments and interventions under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist.  Emphasis is on interpreting the physical therapy initial evaluation and on selecting appropriate therapeutic exercises/functional activities for assigned patients with guidance.  The college laboratory will be utilized.

Summer Term Courses

PHT 2227C Disabilities & Therapeutic Procedures II w/lab
Provides a study of the rationale, contraindications and exercise skills needed to develop appropriate exercise and functional rehabilitation programs for geriatric, orthopedic and surgical conditions.

PHT 2162C Rehabilitation Procedures w/lab
Introduces neurological principles, pathology, and specialized rehabilitation techniques for adult and pediatric neurological conditions.

PHT 2931 Trends In Physical Therapy
Introduces other allied health and physical therapy specialties, issues, current trends. Develops topics of special interest to students or instructors.

Fall Term Courses - (Prior To Graduation)

PHT 2810 Clinical Practice II
Includes patient treatments under the supervision of a registered physical therapist in various types of delivery systems. Problem- solving techniques are employed in the evaluation and execution of patient care plans. Various agencies in the tricounty area that provide physical therapy services will be utilized. Students are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements for assigned clinical rotations.

PHT 2820 Clinical Practice III
Focuses on advanced clinical experiences in selected agencies under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. Emphasis is on critical thinking and problem solving in patient care. Various agencies in the tricounty area that provide physical therapy services will be utilized. Students are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements for assigned clinical rotations.

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