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Communications - Speech

More than 2,500 years ago, the Greek leader Pericles stated, “One who forms a judgment on any point but cannot explain it clearly might as well never have thought at all on the subject.”  The same is true today.  The ability to clearly and effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas is important in both your personal and professional life.  Personally, it can help you develop deeper and more fulfilling relationships of all types.  Professionally, it can help you stand out among your colleagues and attain positions of leadership and influence. 

The Speech faculty of CF wants to assist you as you pursue your goals and dreams.  We offer two basic courses within the Communication department, all focusing on the development of your Communication understanding and skills.

SPC 2608:  Effective Speaking.  This course will help you learn to communicate in a public setting more effectively and clearly.  Assignments focus on a variety of speeches including, but not limited to, informative and persuasive.

SPC 2300:  Interpersonal Communication.  This course will help you gain an understanding of self and how you relate to others in society.  A considerable amount of time is spent exploring the dynamics of communication within relationships and how you can more effectively relate to others in a variety of relationship types.

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