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CF Awarded $3 Million for IT Career Training

Sept. 19, 2013

The College of Central Florida has been awarded $3,173,583 from the Department of Labor to support information technology careers especially for persons from rural areas. The award is part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant which expands programs for unemployed workers, chiefly those impacted by foreign trade.

The grant will focus on information technology industries: manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management, and cyber-security.

“This grant will allow the College of Central Florida to reach individuals with limited finances, limited time and long-term absence from classrooms, and help them progress on a pathway to a high wage, high demand career,” said Dr. Jim Henningsen, CF president. “New programs and new resources supported by the grant will empower our community members and strengthen our economy. This is a huge accomplishment for our college, our region and our state.”

CF is the lead college for the project, Florida Xcel-it: Information Technology Careers for Rural Areas, which will be implemented over three years with consortium members Eastern Florida State College (formerly Brevard Community College), Edison State College, North Florida Community College, Palm Beach State College, St. John's River State College and South Florida State College. The partner colleges will receive an additional, combined $6,987,477 to implement the project at their institutions. CF will coordinate the entire $10,161,060 project.

“The College of Central Florida has been on the cutting edge for some time now in finding new ways to prepare young people for success in today's economy,” said U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent. “I was very proud to send a letter on their behalf supporting this grant request. I think CF clearly deserves it and I know the money will help further their mission. This is great news for our community.”

The grant will expand and improve college education and training programs to be relevant to area workforce needs, offer credit for both academic and occupational training, integrate industry-driven competencies, and result in degrees, certificates, and other industry-recognized credentials that are portable, stackable, and support placement into employment in a career pathway and/or further education.

New certificate programs offered through CF could include Geographic Information Systems, Mobile Device Computing, Network Security, IT Communications and Automation. An online course in developmental education will support students who may lack fundamental learning skills. Employment resources will be provided in partnership with Workforce Connection.

For information about the grant, contact Bob Hawkins, CF manager of Grants Development, at 352-854-2322, ext. 1566, or hawkinsb@cf.edu.

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