Program Admission


The universities determine the courses and prerequisites that must be taken in order to receive a baccalaureate degree for a chosen program. Although all credit earned toward an A.A. degree will transfer to a university, not all credit may satisfy the program prerequisites or the course requirements for a baccalaureate degree. Therefore, it is important to know the program requirements and to take as many of these courses as possible at the state college while completing the A.A. degree.

Limited Access

Because of demand or limited resources, most of the universities have programs that are called limited access programs. Admission to limited access programs is granted on a competitive basis. Consequently, limited access programs have additional admission requirements that are more restrictive than the universities’ general admission requirements. These requirements include one or more of the following: minimum grade point averages, test scores, prerequisite courses, auditions and portfolios.


Neither Associate in Arts graduates nor native university students are guaranteed admission to limited access programs. However, the articulation agreement does provide certain guarantees, including that:

  1. The state college student will have the same opportunity to enroll in a university limited access program as the native university student.
  2. Selection and enrollment criteria for a university limited access program must be established and published in catalogs, counseling manuals, and other appropriate publications. Changes in program enrollment criteria must be given with sufficient advance notice for prospective students to adjust their programs to meet the new criteria.

Should any of these guarantees be denied, the student has the right to file an appeal. Each state university and state college has established appeal procedures. These procedures must be published in the university catalog. As a general rule, if a student is denied admission to a university or a program at the university and wants to appeal, the appeal must be initiated at the university admissions office.