Career Center

The primary purposes of the CF Career Center are helping students and citizens in the district discover which careers are most appropriate for them and how to plan their education accordingly, and assist employers in selecting the best candidates for jobs.

Potential clients of the Career Center and the Patriot Job Connection include students, those desiring to change or start new careers, retirees who want to re-enter the workforce, the disabled, homemakers entering or re-entering the workforce, and local companies and industries.

Assessment: A wide variety of evaluative tools are available, from computer software to mechanical devices at the Career Center. These tools measure abilities, aptitudes, interests and educational development to determine which occupational fields are best suited to the test taker. Also, these tools are used for employers in applicant or employee selection and promotion.

Job Matching: A database and other resources are available to track current and future high-demand career fields. The client is able to preview the employment outlook in a particular field(s) of interest on a local, regional, state and national level, as well as identify which employers are hiring for specific careers now and in the future.

The Patriot Job Connection helps CF students and graduates with job search strategies and placement. Services include:

  • extensive career resource library of books and multimedia materials on career planning, occupations, interviewing skills, employer information
  • job leads/referrals
  • job prep workshops
  • resumé assistance
  • job fairs with local employers

Job opportunities are available through the Patriot Job Connection to students and graduates. Through the computerized job listing bank at, students can find current local, state and national job referrals.

Any student or graduate desiring to use these services may visit the Career Source Patriot Job Connection in the Enterprise Center or call 840-5762, or 800-434 JOBS, ext. 1683.

Career counseling and career assessment are available at the Career Center in the CF Ocala Campus by calling 854-2322, ext. 1721, to schedule an appointment or stop by the Bryant Student Union, Room 205; at the CF Citrus Campus building C, ext 6168; and the CF Hampton Center, ext. 1395.