NUR 2752C

Nursing IIIB (5)

Prerequisite: NUR 2751C

Classification: Occupational

Nursing IIIB builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in Nursing I, Nursing IIA, Nursing B and Nursing IIIA. In this course students focus on the use of the nursing process to provide all levels of prevention to diverse clients and their support systems for whom commonly occurring responses to stressors are having an impact on the ability to meet the need for safety, sexuality, love and belonging, physiological safety and oxygenation. Through laboratory and clinical experiences students learn new nursing skills and continue to develop assessment and intervention skills with emphasis on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention for the adult client, and skills related to the childbearing family. Students provide nursing care in community and acute care facilities and are introduced to higher levels of specialized care. Clinical application of learning accomplished in Socialization to Nursing III will be evaluated as part of the clinical component of Nursing IIIB. (average of 13 class and clinical hours per week, but hours per week will vary)