College Credit Certificate in Office Specialist

6261: College Credit Certificate in Office Specialist (18 Credit Hours)

CIP: 52.0204
FL CIP: 0552040704
SOC: 43-6011

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Program Courses

Course No.

Course Title


ENC 1101

Freshman Composition Skills I


QMB 1001 or
MAC 1105**

College Business Mathematics or
College Algebra


CGS 1100

Microcomputer Applications


OST 1100

Introduction to Word



Office or Business Elective*



Office or Business Elective*



Total Credit Hours


* Recommended Office/Business Electives: OST 1110 Professional Keyboarding II, OST 2401 Office Administration I, OST 2717 Advanced Word, OST 1384 Customer Service, PLA 1003 Introduction to Legal Technology, HIM 1800 Introduction to Health Information Management, HSC 2531 Medical Terminology, OST 2335 Business Communications, MAN 2021 Principles of Management, CET 1171 Introduction to Computer Technology, and either APA 1111 Business Accounting or ACG 2021 Financial Accounting**.

** MAC 1105 College Algebra and ACG 2021 Financial Accounting are recommended for students planning to enroll in the college's baccalaureate degree programs.