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CF Fulbright Scholars tell their stories...

“My Fulbright experience was a once in a lifetime chance to travel while learning and sharing with educators from around the world.”


What was the focus of your Fulbright work?
I lectured in general chemistry courses and assisted with curriculum development at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in Durban, South Africa. I was also actively involved with the Augmented Chemistry Programme, an affirmative action program to promote access of black African students to degree programs.  


Did your Fulbright experience meet your expectations?

Yes, it met and exceeded my expectations. My goal was to learn new and creative teaching methods, as well as increase my ability to approach ideas and topics in my own classroom in ways that I have never imagined. I was not disappointed.


How has your Fulbright experience changed the way you teach/work?

It not only changed the way I teach, but the way I look at the world. It also changed the way that I view the United States. By living in another country, you see the importance the United States has on the politics and the economy of the rest of the world.


What was the most significant moment in your Fulbright experience?

There was not one significant moment, but many great experiences. My family and I went on safaris where we encountered different wildlife, explored Zulu battlefields and villages, travelled to Cape Town via the famous Garden Route, and visited the countries of Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique.


Dr. Ken Capps

Dr. Ken Capps

South Africa 2008

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