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About the Cover:

The graphic design piece, Soul Seeker, was originally created in Corel Painter 6.0, then modified in Adobe Photo Shop 6.0, by Lorena McCollister. All other graphic design, photos, and background pieces were created or modified in Adobe Photo Shop 6.0 by Lorena McCollister unless stated otherwise.


Editor's Note: Eyes have always fascinated me. They are windows, our windows to the outside world, and the windows into the souls of others. Welcome to the 12th edition of Imprints, a journey in art, poetry, short stories, and haiku. Imprints 2004 has been quite a challenge, but it has also been an enjoyable experience. I loved every minute of it!
  Ms. Vazquez is a Godsend, and Lauren, Marie, and I, have thrived under her careful guidance despite the fact she thinks we escaped from a local insane asylum! (One or two of us did.)
  Thank you to my husband for putting up with my nose being in the computer for entire weekends at a time when the staff was working on layout and design.
  Thank you to Childhood Development Services, Information Systems Staff, for their help with the mock-ups.
  Thank you to all the students and faculty out there. There is a juggernaut of talent running through CF, and it was indeed an honor and a privilege to serve as editor.
  Whatever it is people are looking for in the great artists and poets of the past, if they look within themselves, they just might find it.
  Meanwhile, take a glance of what is sequestered within these pages and see the world through our eyes.
  --Lorena McCollister

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