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Farewell to a Season

The fall is almost over,
only a few leaves lay dead on a tree.
Everything that was once brilliant has faded.
The intense scenery is gone.
The warm feelings are now forgotten,
replaced by the cold chill of bitterness.
The bond that life once flowed from
is now dried up and withered.
The embrace of the sun has silently left
leaving only yourself to hold to.

The fruit has gone bad.
It no longer has a sweet perfume,
but a sour stench that reeks disgust.
At one time bright green with growth,
Then deep red bursting with flavor,
Now a leftover to discard of.
Once ripe with feeling
Quickly gone rotten without an explanation,
Left to decompose by itself.

The relationship has passed.
No more infatuation to inspire us.
The expressions that were once strong
weaken at the end leaving emptiness.
Beauty cannot stay forever
and it walked out sooner than hoped for.
A time, a period, a moment
that will never be forgotten
but has sadly slipped away
as all things happen to do.

--Katlyn Parker Nolan