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About the Publication:

Imprints 2004, College of Central Florida’s 12th annual literary magazine, was printed by First Impressions Printing in Ocala, FL. The trim size of this Magazine is 8.5” by 6.5”
The cover is printed on 100 pound paper. Internally, twelve pages of color were printed on 70 pound Anthem paper with a matte finish. fifty-two pages of text and art were printed on 70 pound white offset. Production was completed using Adobe Pagemaker 6.5, and all image editing was done using Adobe Photoshop 6.0. The complete publication was submitted to First Impressions on CD-R.

All titles and quotes were printed in Felix Tilting. The other text was printed in Arial. Font sizes are 12pt for titles, 14pt for quotes within a work, and 10pt for all other text.

photo of Lorena McCollister
photo of Lauren Taylor
photo of Marie Poulos photo of Debra Vazquez

Lorena McCollister

Lauren Taylor
Marie Poulos
Debra Vazquez


Imprints student literary magazine is a non-profit project, and is supported by funds raised by faculty and staff of College of Central Florida. The monies collected from the sale of this magazine are put away for the staff of the following year’s issue of Imprints. If you are a member of the community and would like to support the future projects of Imprints please contact the Communications Department at CF.