Rachel McDonald - Where the Beach Met the Streets
Juliana Marie - Apology to Picasso
Georginia Brwonell - I Write. . .
Brad DeLoatcha - Redesign Perfection
Cassandra Robison - Charade
Rebecca Davis - Beatless Rhythm
Christine Reidy - Wall Hanging
Ron Cooper - Apollo 11
Ron Cooper - The Sweet Science
Sandra Cooper - Literary Licensing
Rubén Uribe - Voices of the War for Colombia
Rubén Uribe- Voces De la Guera
Amber Camilleri - Orphans of a World Gone By
John Ahern - Wormhole
Chris Kasper - You Stupid Cat
Stephanie Bauer - Fall Leaves
Russell McDonald - Stir Occasionally
Towarna Matthews - Voice
Sandy Pell - In My Garden
SuZi - Revisitation
Betty Gray - Twists of Fate
Matt Overfelt - Truest of Love
Georginia Brownell - Surreal Love
Rubén Uribe- Right Away I Taste Your Smell
Tawarna Mathews - She Watched
Georginia Brownell - Kayte
Cassandra Robison - Sustenance
Betty Gray - Taking Flight
Amber Camilleri - To Lovers Lost
Russell McDonald - Love in Steps
Kristin Pressey - Blood and Chocolate
Valerie Gallwitz - Joy for Sorrows
Ellen Metcalf - Golden Tear


Brad DeLoatche - Stored Away
John Ahearn - Wormhole
Cassandra Robison - Nature's Faces
Josh Strigle - Night Time Pines
Sean McQuinney - Sun-kissed Dusk

Short Stories

Bill McGovern - Beer Battered
Ariane Anderson - Kissufim "Longing"
Ellen Metcalf - The Building
William Philbin - Shadows on the Wall


Gisela- Over Population
Gisela- Genetic Engineering
Gisela- Global Warming
Nancy Moskovitz - Just Kicken Back
Nancy Moskovitz - Abundancia
Nancy Moskovitz - The Ephemeral Gardner
Jack Thursby - Excess Baggage
Jack Thursby - Gone Tomorrow
Patricia Gilman - Inlet
Yesenia Ruiz - Self Portrait

Black & White

Andrew Wade - Insomnia
Kathleen Miller - Fountain of Youth
Christine Reidy - Wall Hanging
Shelly Haimes - Over the Edge


Thomas Herod - Clay Pots


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