Any literary magazine owes an unmitigated debt to the people who help bring it to life. The Imprints staff wishes to express its gratitude to the following people whose kindness and unselfish assistance helped bring the 2005 edition of Imprints to fruition:

Kat Wade and Tom Michaud, who answered our innumerable printing questions with grace and

Berry Davis, who photographed all of the art work.

Mac Dismuke, who allowed us to use his office as a storage facility, donated a computer, and
provided invaluable assistance with technical questions.

Linda Sagendorph, who was our address sleuth.

Jack Thursby, who guided our amateur artistic eyes in selecting the art and as our featured artist,
graciously submitted to many probing questions.

Cassandra Robison, who was our muse and with delicate care nurtured growing minds by creating an atmosphere of encouragement and safety. We thank her for allowing us to explore, for building our confidence, and for nudging forth talents we did not know we possessed.














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