Twists of Fate

Betty Gray


Who was that impudent imp fluttering there,
finding delight in tugging on my hair?
And all the while whispering in my ear,
“The one your heart's been awaiting is here.”

“Go away, there's no such thing as Cupid,”
said I, but in reply he cried, “Stupid!”
As he vanished into Night's smoky haze,
eyes suddenly appeared, meeting my gaze...

Now, how can one explain eight years to date,
the workings and quirks and twists of Fate
and Cupid? But wait! Was it really he
abruptly aiming his arrow at me?

…Sadness, pain, and tear beyond one's worst fear
found unrequited love year upon year.
Yet, no words of wisdom could lift this spell—
Forlorn Soul found itself drifting through Hell.

While wandering lost, a familiar face
I found dwelling in that infernal place,
hovering heinously, smiling with glee!
“Treacherous bastard! What have you done to me?!”

Rage grew— Caution flew—Blood spilled upon ground
‘till Dying Breath's song breathed the only sound.
His own arrow thus payment for such sin…
Cold Grave's embrace found Cupid's Evil Twin.




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