IMPRINTS 2006 - Acknowledgements

The staff of Imprints 2006 wishes to express thanks, in no particular order

College of Central Florida for their generous support of the literary arts

Verne Ayers for his kind assistance

Josh Strigle for setting up our online discussion board

Kat Wade, Tom Michaud and Pattie Gavin with staff services

Ted Kooser for his willingness to be interviewed for our magazine and Alison Granucci, his agent, for her valuable assistance

Each of our families for their extraordinary support and understanding as we worked on this magazine

Our deepest appreciation and thanks to Professor Cassandra Robison for her guidance in our efforts to create Imprints 2006. Her counsel and direction have been invaluable and much appreciated as she has taught us the art of word-weaving. Beyond our literary endeavors she has earned our deepest respect for her nurturing, mentoring spirit, for the love she has freely given to each student and for her own literary achievements. We are each proud indeed to call her our friend.

Staff Signatures