IMPRINTS 2006 - Contents

Editor's Note


Peggy Aiello - My Soldier's Rest
Arianne Anderson - Herself, A Totem
Christian Baier - Once...
Ray Cates - Lucky Burn
Shane Colon - Indisputable Truths for Humanity
Shane Colon - Symbiosis
Sarah David - Goodbye Grandpa
Hannah Ferguson - Cheating on Life
Hannah Ferguson - Even Now
Betty Gray - Disembodied Dreams
Lacey Hudspeth - Falling Embers
Frank A. Hukill, Jr. - Dignity
Joe Kalbhenn - Omaha
Chris Kasper - Zeno vs. Epicurus
Natalie Lyons - Exhaling Gratefulness
Natalie Lyons -The Soul Knows Its Home
Marjory Martin - Mourning Hymn
Towarna Matthews - Free
Penny McCurry - Monster
Penny McCurry -Certitude
Sean McQuinney - Extending Their Arms
Sean McQuinney - Words Inspired by Chopin's "Opus 47"
Rick Metcalf - God's Sweet Gift of Days
Rick Metcalf - Northbound Moon
Sheila Neff - Fireside with Dad
Matthew Overfelt - Confessions
Marci Phillips - Ode to Paper
Kristin Pressey - Plague Harvest
Cassandra Robison - Omega
Marcy Sieradzki - The Interloper
Marcy Sieradzki - Barn Owls
Marcy Sieradzki - Last Year's Day
Marcy Sieradzki - Patient Waiting
Josh Strigle - Ocklawaha Afternoon
Kristin Sutliff - Dying Trees
Richard VanWagner - Letztes Eins - Last One
Richard VanWagner - 11:37 on 3rd and Broadway

Richard VanWagner - Eagle Pine
Richard VanWagner - Scratching Post
Elisabeth Waymire - Infinite Hero

Interview - Poet Laureate Ted Kooser

Natalie Lyons - Marvelous Connections


Peggy Aiello - Soldier's Rest
Arianne Anderson - Sunrise
Arianne Anderson -Jamie, Herself
Ryan Avis - Woman
Verne Ayers - Green Trees
Verne Ayers - A Target and a Tear
Jennifer Brainard - Planet X
Frances Brown - Snowy Birches
Frances Brown - Snag Waiting
Robyn Ducharme - Untitled
Pat Fleming - Afghan Soldiers
Megan Galloway - Sparkling Water
Will German - Imagination
Rebecca Gray - Untitled
Gene Hotaling - Listening Man
Gene Hotaling - Polyphemus
Gene Hotaling - Somethingsgottachange
Gene Hotaling - Vase
Diana Marques - Untitled
Penny McCurry - Gentle Dawn
Sean McQuinney - Infernal
Sean McQuinney - The Language of Flame
Rick Metcalf - Blird Burd
Rick Metcalf - Northbound Moon
Kathleen Miller - Hands
Jessica Moline - Untitled
Crystal Monroe - Contemplation
Crystal Monroe - Desiccated Turtle
Crystal Monroe - Untitled
Allison Pauley - Howerton Hall
Sandy Pell - Wild Glory
Ruth Anne Ranew - Margaret
Ruth Anne Ranew - Holding on to Life
Ruth Anne Ranew - Opera House Steps
Ruth Anne Ranew - Petals on Denim
Ruth Anne Ranew - Her Hamlet
Charles E. Roop - Reflecting Cypress
Charles E. Roop - Prairie Sunset
Charles E. Roop - Kitchen
Amanda Saad - Untitled
Billie Kay Smith - Study of Jessica
Billie Kay Smith - Study of Fred
Josh Strigle - Ocklawaha Bend
Jared Sylvia - Taped Features
Heather Van Riet - Untitled
Heather Van Riet - Untitled
Alicia Tibbs - Untitled
Richard Van Wagner - Ladies
Leslie Wengler - Elements
Diann Caple, Will German and Rachael Lashbrook - The Project