Peggy Aiello has recently found her poetic voice. She has three handsome sons and has been married 29 years to an amazing man.

Arianne Anderson says, “The creative process continues to amaze me and teach me in ways that I could not have imagined.”

Verne Ayers teaches art at CF and inspires his students with his easy humor.

Christian Baier is a nocturnal Final Fantasy XI player who enjoys comedy or Japanese films in his free time. He is fascinated with both the concept of Bushido and the Knight’s Code, past and present aspects.

Jennifer Brainard is a well rounded artist who can work with different mediums and techniques. She already has two published works that have earned awards. Her dream is to finish her education as an artist and move to a professional art career.

Frances "Judy" Brown is a student of Mr. Verne Ayers at CF and is pursuing her passion: Art. Through lenses of appreciation, she sees color and form constantly challenging her vision of what is. She anticipates this to be a never ending and joyous journey.

Ray Cates is a teacher and writer in Ocala where he has lived since 1957. He graduated from UF and is the owner of Oceans High School and Ray the Trader's Bookstores in Marion and Alachua counties.

Shane Colon is currently writing a novel with a fellow student. He intends to make it as a professional writer.

Sarah David is an employee at CF. In her free time she enjoys traveling and photography as well as creative writing.

Robyn Ducharme is a freshman at CF majoring in art.

Hannah Ferguson is a 20-year-old, saved-by-Grace, blessed-by-love, unable-to-escape-Ocala Communications major who wants her epitaph to read: Alive. “Good music makes me want to write; good writing makes me want to dance.”

Pat Fleming is a professor at CF, currently in Afghanistan on fellowship.

Megan Galloway is a sophomore Photojournalism major planning to graduate from CF this year. She has been taking photos since she was a child and recently invested in a professional camera to start delving into photography as a career.

Betty Gray says, “Reading, I lose myself; writing, I find myself ... need I say more?”

Rebecca Gray is a 23 year old CF student who is planning to become a dermatologist. She uses photography as an outlet. Her favorite subject is nature.

Lacey Hudspeth is both a high school and a college student. She will be attending Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee next fall.

Frank A. Hukill, Jr. is 38 years old, and has only recently discovered an interest in writing. He moved to Ocala from Phoenix to be around family. He lives with his two dogs, but has hopes of getting married and raising a family here in Marion County.

Chris Kasper will one day rule the world with his cat, Mr. 'Nuggles. He lives behind a tree in Summerfield, FL, and will shoot you if you come within eight feet of him. All the cool kids read his website,

Natalie Lyons feels life just couldn’t get any better. She has an amazing family that supports her passion for painting, writing and gardening. This spring she is graduating Phi Theta Kappa with an A.A. in Mass Communications.

Marjorie Martin is a 38 year old mother of four children. She enjoys writing and reading poetry as well as books. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in nursing.

Towarna Matthews is a young writer finding her voice.

Penny McCurry has a loving family. She is inquisitive, caring and compassionate; creative and logical, yet a perfectionist. She is a multi-talented, multi-tasker living one day at a time, remembering life is short, cherishing each day like there’s no tomorrow.

Sean McQuinney is an old man with a camera and a pen at 22. He believes the best poetry is written in a dark room listening to Moonlight Sonata.

Rick Metcalf is a Christian, poet, musician, songwriter, contented husband and proud father who writes for the sheer joy of finding the muse-ic in the ordinary things of everyday life.

Crystal Monroe finds beauty in all that is created and has enjoyed working with all types of medium since she could wrap her tiny fingers around play-dough. She has a style of her own and hopes to continue creating interesting artwork for many years to come.

Sheila Neff is a 22 year old student at UCF where she will be graduating with a B.A. in Psychology. She plans to further her education at UF and to continue taking Creative Writing courses so that she can extend the enjoyable experience of writing.

Matthew Overfelt, 18, is graduating from CF and high school simultaneously this spring. He has just recently discovered the joys of writing.

Allison Pauley is a first time art student that loves to dance classical ballet. She will be getting married next spring and has plans to pursue a degree in Interior Design.

Sandy Pell enjoys writing, photography and editing. Her motto is, "Music is my sanity, humor my first-aid kit." She is a former editor of and contributor to Imprints and was the humor columnist for Ocala Style magazine from 2000-2004.

Kristin Pressey is a poet, artist, connoisseur of irony and free-spirit who would someday like to walk without tripping over her own boot-laces.

Ruth Anne Ranew, ever growing in the Lord and in photography, hopes that her work will inspire others to be inspired by the little things in life. Dreams consist of running away to Canada and marrying Josh Groban.

Cassandra Robison is faculty advisor for Imprints. She teaches creative writing, composition and American Literature at CF where her life is her work, and her work is her mission and her joy.

Charles E. Roop is a sophomore at CF pursuing an A.A. in Journalism. He is also a former staff member of Patriot Press.

Carla San Giacomo is compassionate towards others, passionate for the arts, and is a loyal friend, loving pet owner, outdoor enthusiast and manager of career services at CF. Painting is her way to communicate the beauty of God's creation.

Marcy Sieradzki is a child of God, wife, mother, registered nurse, friend, aunt, daughter, sister and writer. “My cup runneth over.”

Billie Kay Smith earned her B.A. in Art Education at Georgia Southern University. An art teacher for thirty-three years, she is recently retired and currently working in watercolor.

Kristin Sutliff is a 19 year old sophomore in college pursuing a B.A. in History, with a specialization in European Studies. Her goal is to study abroad and later engage in a career in socio-political and humanitarian affairs, writing on the side as much as possible.

Josh Strigle is a native of the Florida he photographs, writes about and enjoys. He spends most of his leisure time on the Ocklawaha River where he now lives, experiencing, documenting and preserving the quickly vanishing Florida of yesterday.

Alicia Tibbs is a native Floridian and freshman at CF. Besides being an artist, she plans on becoming a fashion designer in the near future.

Richard VanWagner is a farmer, father and husband. He says, “Here’s hoping that I’ll wander so far off course that I’ll catch a glimpse of myself from behind and be glad that I finally caught up with the fellow I always wanted to be.”

Leslie Wengler is 19 years old and has had a strong passion for photography since she was eight years old. She feels that photography is where one can capture a moment in time and convey it into one’s own masterpiece.

Additional Contributors: Ryan Avis, Diann Caple, Will German, Rachael Lashbrook, Diana Marques, Kathleen Miller, Jessica Moline, Marci Philips, Amanda Saad, Jared Sylvia, Heather Van Riet and Elisabeth Waymire.