IMPRINTS 2006 - Editor's Note

As we placed our literature and art selections onto the pages of Imprints 2006, the staff attempted to create a flow that would allow readers to sink with sadness and then rise with lightheartedness, so as not to keep them low for too long. This became more difficult as we progressed, finding there were more pieces inspired by war, sickness or the loss of loved ones. While each of us is influenced by much in our lives, such as trips we made as a child, sleepless nights and lovers we have known, we are more deeply impacted by facing separation from those we love. This is not necessarily bad. Facing the fact that life is fleeting can lead to a more vigorous enjoyment of our days. One man who has figured this out is Pulitzer Prize winning Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, himself a cancer survivor. His zest for life, post-cancer, is apparent in his poetry and in the interview.

Enjoy the read, enjoy the art, enjoy your life. ~ Natalie's signature