Photography:  Ladies
Photography | Ladies | Richard Vanwagner
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Smoothed soft by leather necks
a corner sentinel shines,
the lone heir of faded fencerows
left to beckon precious moments
of untouched time.

Mid-stride he’ll stop there,
a smile settling into posted earth,
worn back searching out
the hidden hollow
an inch right of the spine,
where breaths come easy
and nods, cap down ignite.

There against winded will
in a land of two seasons
he’s dreamt the world alive
until hooved curiosity noses
the weight of light upon him,
warm blows of silaged wit
flooding their wrinkled brows.

When, forced by dusk’s rippled reds
he’ll heel the sod and slide to stand,
shaking off the flakes of idle fortune.
A blink and holler, Let’s go ladies,
breaking their final barrier of bliss.

So they may once again weave
the shallow paths of shoulds
with somber sideways glances.
The itch of greener pastures
still damp on their lips.