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We wish to thank...
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... our families, friends, and co-workers who not only encouraged, but also endured us as we took on the all-consuming task of creating this volume of Imprints.

Our thanks, also, to Dr. Charles Dassance and Dr. Sharon Cooper who lead the way at CF in support of the cultural arts, and to Dr. Leslie Hammond, who served as our liaison and partner at The Appleton Museum. Thank you to the Board of Trustees for their continued support of the arts.

Thank you to the members of the Learning Theme committee who encouraged students from their classes to submit to us; several selections of their students’ work have been published in this volume.

It is with grateful hearts that we present, the work of the following two dedicated professionals, who are more than our teachers, they are our mentors.

Professor Verne Ayers, a teacher in public schools for over 30 years, came to CF in fall of 2006. His students say he takes them further in their skill than they had ever thought possible. His students have produced most of the art contained in this magazine.

In addition to responsibilities to her students in a variety of English courses, Professor Cassandra Robison serves as faculty advisor for Imprints magazine. All of us on the staff of Imprints have taken Professor Robison’s Creative Writing classes and believe that without her tutelage, our voices may never have been found.