I sit at my table and ponder
The Universe, Its wonders out yonder
I’m learning to think and to gander
At Algebra and how to let my dander
I want to beat
The soul’s anxiety and defeat
To be confounded by numbers . . .
So shoots me asunder
Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and me
The secrets of the universe tied into verse
Of numbers and letters so terse
Will I be able to reverse . . .
This trend of fear at the Inverse?
Rest Glial Cells and employ
The Wanaway to great joy
Write the problem, don the answer
And spout "Yes I can sir"
The future remains a blur
But the paths to a degree all concur
Higher math, higher thought
No matter the cost, is not lost
Saddle the mind with 10x=b
And its brothers
No more to be blind
Receiving in kind
The road to a life unhindered . . .

Heather Jones -- 2004