The Fire Angel

As the fire burns out of control
The firefighter must protect his role
He sees people running with black dusty faces
People yelling from unknown places
With his yellow boots he runs into the flame
Calling out for a lost child’s name
There is a child who needs some air
He shares his oxygen and sheds a tear
He brings the boy to his crying mother
Looks at him and runs back for another

The boy yells, don’t go, you may not come back
He looks at the boy’s face all dusty and black
And says little boy a man once did this for me
Look to the heavens and someday you’ll see
My fire angel sits on my shoulder
Without my fire angel my life would have been shorter
He kisses the little boy’s head
And with all that said
He ran into the fire
It was his time for a power much higher
He never made it out
He was a hero without a doubt

The little boy grew to be a man
The alarm went off, and he ran
He heard a child cry for air
He shares his oxygen, now it was clear
It was his time to shed the tear
He ran a boy to the safety of his mother
Looked at him and ran for another
He was a fire angel without a doubt
He never made it out
It will never be understood how a hero’s life may sometimes repeat
So the next hero, be sure to greet
It might be your family they someday meet

Poet’s Note: Always remember that everyone needs a hero at sometime in their life.
Give a little to others; it goes a long way.

Kimberly Feltman -- 2005