March 2005
Citrus Campus -- CF
Editor’s Desk

For Our Readers,

We hope you will enjoy our 2004--2005 edition. Included you will find romance, comedy, science fiction, inspiration and more. Our selections are eclectic; each featured author has their own style. Thus, the submissions within are as varied and unique as our student body. We did arrange the last bit of our work to honor the college’s learning theme of responsibility. Even here you will find diverse images of what responsibility entails.

Our experience with the labor of love that is editing a campus literary magazine has been, while at times frustrating, overall a wonderful experience. We began by sending out a call for submissions. In order to be fair, each member was required to read each submission with the author or artist’s name blinded. The vote itself was set on a 1—5 star tallying. However, we noticed a lack of anything in the responsibility theme and put out a call among friends, and the general student body. These later entries went through the same process of judgment and acceptance.

The result is the product of hard work among the students and the editors. Once again . . . enjoy!

Rachel Baril and Heather Jones -- Editors 2004 -- 2005