Majestic Heron

Oh majestic heron, what can we learn from you?

When you stand so tall with your eyes so blue,

Or do you stand tall at all? Is that for us to see?

Should we judge you? Is that how it’s supposed to be?

Oh majestic heron, is this what we’ve learned from you,

To stand up straight and act so true?

Yet you have a snake-like neck on your front, but not your side.

When others would keep it crooked, this is where you confide.

Oh majestic heron, the feathers are so white on you.

It’s almost as if you’re brand new.

What happened when you were born?

I think you were made to keep this form.

It doesn’t matter what others may think about you.

Oh majestic heron, that is what I see in you.

Eli Nuzzi -- 2004