Today is the Perfect Day. . .

The skies overhead are dark and grey.
People do not seem to notice or care.
It starts to rain outside and people start to cry.
Yet today is the perfect day.
As it begins to rain, the excitement of today is almost too much to bear.
Still people cry; some are sobbing. You do not understand why.
You hear a voice. It seems to be speaking to you, yet you do not understand it.
Yet today is the perfect day.
All of your focus is on the window; out of nervousness you say, "I do."
The preacher smiles and people stop crying.
The light music in the background stops.
Yet today is the perfect day.
The preacher continues and the ceremony goes on.
The ceremony is over; you trip on your wedding dress. No one cares.
The skies are beautiful, filled with vibrant colors.
Today is the perfect day.

Wendy Elmore -- 2004