~Jacob Frank

In a sea of blue

There shine true

Fifty diamonds.

The sea of diamonds sits upon

Thirteen pillars brave and strong.

Through six shine the light of freedom of men

And seven are stained with the blood of men.

It was through bloodshed that freedom could shine,

For if it did not, one diamond would not be mine.

Each man should hold a diamond in his hand,

For each man should own some part of this land.

We are all equal, at least that is what I was taught;

Somehow I find that things are not as I had thought.

I see the diamonds have diminished in the sea,

Even the one that belongs to me.

The color of the pillars on which the sea sits,

Have changed without anyone noticing it.

The seven pillars bleed redder than ever,

And the white freedom pillars grow dimmer.

Is freedom growing thinner?