Shadow of A Night Wind

~ Tyler Waters

It is the force of the sun setting at the end of the day.

The wind blows the former warmth away.

The shadows come out and begin to stalk their prey.

I stand at the edge of the shadows, waiting for the chill.

I stand alone on the edge of night, waiting until

At once I feel the blades of ice begin to take their fill.

The wind grasps at me, a child of the Sun

I don't belong here with the night, but what's done is done.

Where I am standing, bound by cold, of company, there is none

The air chills me, the shadows bind me, I am lost.

Wind has conquered and overcome, I am a casualty of the frost.

Yet a change has come with the final trumpet blast.

The sun returns from whence it was gone,

And rebukes the Night Wind's call to a silent moan.

The rays of light fill me surround me now,

And I stand again as grace allows.

Turning again to the Western wind,

I am leaving now, to walk the road that is homeward bound.