Spring Cleaning

~ Rachel Baril

Hardbound book meets floor – Bam!

A wind-up toy whirs after the words

Papers flutter, tap, and whack

Down a long, long way


Part of my cursing is Botheration!

I look across my bedroom nation

An avalanche needs sweeping

Is said with much sighing


Lift up onto the messy bed with an Umph!

The piles of rubble really just must go up

Off of my invisible floor and shelves

Where they spread themselves


A cloud of lemon scent – Cough!

Escapes with a sharp little hiss

As dust is wiped away

Sunlight hits with a ting


Pathways echo with a click then – Roar!

Goes the dirt-sucker as it rumbles

Then is reduced to a snuffling mumble

Is everything going to be a dumbbell?


Frazzled I flinchingly feel for the – Fuzz!

Freakin’ fluffy fuzzballs flew up

And gobbed the mecha-works

From here to Friday



Strained rumblings and the

Clattering of instruments

Go on for fifty minutes


Put back together – Snarl!

The patient comes to life

No slow-spun spiderweb

Will escape


‘Cause it’s time to toss, pitch, and – Hurl!

Garbage goes out and pay no mind to

The Earth-shattering splattering

Clattering scattering crashes