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Tips on Preventing Auto Break-Ins

Auto Break-Ins: Introduction

Police are reporting a high number of car break-ins. With these common sense habits and preventative measures, you can greatly reduce the chances your vehicle will become a target.

Lock Your Doors, Close Windows

While this piece of advice should be a no-brainer, up to a quarter of vehicle thefts are from unlocked cars. Simply locking the doors, closing windows and sun roofs will deter those who might just be waiting around for an easy target.

Keep it Tidy

Almost any worthless personal item that's visible from the outside--even an empty shopping bag--could be seen as a valuable or a carrier of valuables. keep phones, laptops, purses, wallets,  shopping bags or other belongings out of sight.

Conceal all the evidence

Don't leave any bait out for thieves; stow your electronics and accessories well out of sight--or better yet, bring it with you including power plugs, telltale iPod adapters, or pay -system windshield suction-cup mounts.

Stash Before (Not After) You Park

Get in the habit of putting shopping bags in the trunk right when you return to the vehicle, rather than after you park at the next place. Thieves sometimes linger in busy parking lots looking for valuables being moved out of sight.

If you have an Alarm use it

The noise alone may be enough to scare away an inexperienced thief and prevent the break-in. Factory-option alarm systems are generally best, but a carefully installed, properly calibrated aftermarket system can provide just as much safety.

Information provided by Bengt Halvorson, AOL Autos

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