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Public Safety Services

It is the policy of the CF Board of Trustees to protect the members of the total College community and to protect the property of CF. Under the general direction of the Senior Vice President, the CF Public Safety department shall ensure that reasonable protection is provided by using methods that fit within and contribute to the educational philosophy and purpose of this institution.

Members of the CF Public Safety Department and the contract security service are not police officers and are not empowered to make an arrest or investigate a crime. All employed Public Safety officers must possess a valid State of Florida Class D Security Officer License and are authorized to use reasonable force to detain a suspect pending arrival of law enforcement authorities. Public Safety officers have received training specific to security, parking and first aid.

All campus crime must be reported to the Ocala Police Department at 369-7000, or dial 911 for an emergency. The Public Safety Department should also be notified as soon as possible of any incident occurring on campus.Public Safety Callbox

College of Central Florida recognizes that a safe environment is requisite for the accomplishment of the college's mission. To insure a safe environment the college provides campus security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The entire campus is continually patrolled by Public Safety officers on a random basis. In addition to regular security, the Public Safety Department provides the following services:

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Boxes have been strategically placed around the campus. These phones are solar powered. The Emergency call boxes are located in various parking lots throughout the campus.
Broadcast: Call boxes annunciate directly to Public Safety office and officer’s radios
Layout: Call box locations correspond to parking lots and buildings - i.e. - Callbox number 2 in parking lot 2, in front of Bldg. 2


Emergency telephones have been installed in various buildings on the Ocala Campus. These telephones are identified by signs which explain their function. All the phones, with the exception of Buildings 40 and 41, connect directly to the Public Safety Office when the receiver is picked up. In Buildings 40 and 41 either extension 1422 or 1261 will need to be dialed to reach Public Safety.

Building 2
Located in the southeast hallway across from the stairs
Building 4
Located next to the breezeway entrance
Building 8
Located in the lobby next to Room 101
Building 19
Located in the lobby next to Office 111C
Building 31
Located in the men’s restroom (Room 104)
Building 34
Located next to Printing and Postal Services, Across from the Bookstore
Building 40
Located on 1st floor across from the Information Desk

Building 20

Located on 1st floor next to the elevator



Call Box 2

In Parking Lot 2 across the street from Building 2

Call Box 4 East

In Parking Lot 4A across the street from Building 4 on the east side.

Call Box 4 West

In Parking Lot 4A across the street from the Webber Center

Call Box 6

In the Parking Lot on the north side of Building 6

Call Box 7

North east corner of Building 7, near the courtyard

Call Box 9

In Parking Lot 32, across the aisle on the south side of Building 9

Call Box 16
On the north west side of Building 16

Call Box 19 East

In the courtyard area on the south side of Building 19

Call Box 19 West

Parking Lot 19 on the west side of Building 19

Call Box 32

In the Parking Lot on the east side of the Bookstore, Building 36

Call Box 40 East

In the Parking Lot on the east side of Building 40

Call Box 40 West

In the Parking Lot on the west side of Building 40

Call Box 40 Center

In the courtyard of Building 40

Call Box 41

In the Parking Lot on the north side of Building 20

Vehicle Assistance

EMERGENCY AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE: If you come out of class and find that your car won't start because your battery needs a charge, Public Safety has equipment to give your battery a charge. Call extension 1261, give a description of your car and which parking lot you are parked in and a Public Safety officer will assist you.

LOCK-OUT SERVICE: Should you accidentally lock your car keys inside the vehicle, Public Safety has tools it can use to attempt to open your vehicle. However, please note that there are some models of vehicles that are very difficult and Public Safety may not be able to open. Once again, call extension 1261, give a description of your vehicle and where you are parked and a Public Safety officer will assist you.

Lost & Found

Should you lose or misplace an item, (ex. wallet, books, purse etc.) please notify the Public Safety Department at X1261. We are the repository for any items found on campus and turned over to Public Safety for investigation.

Please note, items turned into lost and found are only held for sixty days.

Student Identification Cards

All students should come to the Public Safety Office to have their photo taken for their student ID Card. To obtain your ID Card, simply show your current student schedule as well as a photo ID. The cost of the first ID Card is FREE. The ID Card is necessary when taking books out of the Learning Resources Center or purchasing books at the campus book store.

The first ID card issued, and any replacements after the original ID card expired, are free. If you need to replace your ID card before it expires, it will cost $5.00. The expiration date on your ID card can be found on the top right-hand corner above your picture.

Please note, students must show a valid photo ID to receive their ID card.

Student Parking Decals

In order to park your vehicle on campus you must have a parking decal. The first parking decal is free. Additional decals are available at a cost of $5.00 per vehicle. Vehicles on campus without decals may be issued parking violations.

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