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Student Right to Know:
Access to Campus Facilities

College Property

No college property may be removed from the campus without express written permission from the department chairperson or area supervisor. Unauthorized removal of college property from the campus is a violation of CF policy and a violation of the law.


Access to Campus Facilities

Most college buildings are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. All CF students and staff members are issued identification cards which they may be asked to produce if there is a question about their authorization to be in a specific area.

Individuals who need to be in campus buildings or other areas during other than regularly scheduled work hours must obtain permission for that date and time from the department chairperson or supervisor, and notify the Public Safety department of their presence.

It is the responsibility of those who use rooms, offices and areas to lock access doors, turn off lights and close windows. College Public Safety and maintenance staff will check many of the areas during off hours, but the primary responsibility for security lies with the user.

If you have a need to gain entry to a campus building or classroom during off hours, contact the Public Safety Department at the following numbers:

  • Extension 1261 or (352)873-5841 on the Ocala Campus
  • Extension 6135 or (352)302-6081 on the Citrus Campus
  • (352)427-4640 at the Hampton Center

Campus Keys

Keys are provided to individual staff members on a need-to-enter basis as determined by the Director of Plant Operations. Lost keys must be reported immediately to one's supervisor and to the facilities department.

Keys should never be loaned to other staff members or students. Public Safety personnel will confiscate any keys which have not been specifically issued to a particular individual. Unauthorized duplication of college keys is a violation of CF policy.


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