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Traffic and Parking Regulations


The following rules and regulations govern vehicular traffic and parking on the CF Ocala campus. They are enforced by the CF Public Safety Department and local law enforcement agencies.

Parking spaces are clearly defined by:

  • white bumper or no bumper for students;
    Student parking
  • red curbs/bumpers for staff;
    Staff parking
  • green bumpers for visitors; and
    Visitor parking
  • blue curbs/bumpers for handicapped parking.
    Handicapped parking
  • White crubs with signs for hybrid car parking
            Hybrid Traffic spot

The rules and regulations as described in this handbook are in effect 24 hours each day including weekends, holidays, mid-term breaks, and out-of-class times. Inclement weather will not alter their enforcement. Violators are subject to citations, fines, immobilization devices (boots), and/or towing at the owner’s risk and expense.

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