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CF Purchasing Department
Current Competitive Solicitations

It is the responsibility of the bidder to monitor this website and contact the CF Purchasing Office in regards to any and all current and forthcoming Addendums.

RFQ 14-6 Construction Management Services – Jack Wilkinson Levy Campus
              Addendum #1
              Addendum #2

RFP 14-5 Unarmed Security Services
              Addendum #1
              Addendum #2
              Addendum #3
              Addendum #4
              Addendum #5

RFP 14-4 Employment Results Scorecards Continuous Improvement Plan

RFQ 14-3 Professional Architectural and Engineering Services Jack Wilkinson Levy Campus
              Cover Page
              Addendum #1
              Addendum #2
              Addendum #3
              Addendum #4
              RFQ14-3-D1.0   Future Site Marketing Document, prepared by Tommy Morelock using the rendering created by Jim Peoples in 2006 to 2008 when he was the College of Central Florida Architect of Record.
             RFQ14-3-D2.0  Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Dated September 25th, 2006
             RFQ14-3-D2.1 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Dated February 25th, 2008
             RFQ14-3-D3.0 City of Fanning Springs Utility Service Plan for our Campus
             RFQ14-3-D4.0 Central Florida Electric Service Plan for our Campus
             RFQ14-3-D5.0 Welding Lab Design by Mosses and Associates
             RFQ14-3-D6.0 Marketing Document Designed by College of Central Florida Foundation
             RFQ14-3-D7.0 Barker Survey
             RFQ14-3-D8.0 Boundary Survey
             RFQ14-3-D9.0 Listed Species & FLUCFCS Map
             RFQ14-3-D10.0 Rendering by Jim Peoples
             RFQ14-3-D11.0 Revised CIP / Project Budget

ITB 14-2 College Wide Motor Coach Services
                Cost Comparison Sheet

ITB 14-1: Beverage Services
               Addendum #1
               Bid Tabluation

RFP 14-1: Custodial Services
                      Appendix A & B can be picked up at the mandatory pre-proposal meeting on April 2, 2014
              Maintenance and Operations Administrative Guidelines for School Districts and Community Colleges
                Addendum #1
                Exhibit A - Building Inventory
                Addendum #2
                Addendum #3
                Addendum #4
                Vendor Scoring Matrix

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