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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve the Conference Centers?
You may call (352) 854-2322, extension 1648 or 1481, to make a verbal reservation. This reservation will be tentative and must be followed by a completed application form within 10 days.


May I see the facility before making a reservation?
Certainly. Our sales staff will be happy to give you a tour of the facilities, at your convenience.


How many people do the Conference Centers hold?
It depends on your room arrangement. Our sales staff can help you determine the best room arrangement to meet your needs based on your expected attendance.


May I bring items in for storage prior to my event?
The Conference Centers have no storage facilities. Items may not be brought in earlier than the day of the event.


Do I need to provide security for my event?
Depending on the nature and size of your event, the college may require that you provide additional security and parking personnel. If so, additional charges may apply.


May I serve alcohol at my event?
Generally, alcohol is not permitted on the CF campus. For specific events, an exemption may be requested to distribute wine, champagne or beer. The president of the college is authorized to grant approval and may do so with certain restrictions and conditions. Any person or agency with authorization to distribute alcohol must provide the college with alcohol liability insurance coverage. The insurance should be in the amount of at least $1,000,000 and name the College as an additional insured. If the renter does not carry liability insurance, an insurance charge will be assessed in the application process. The renter shall assume all responsibility for compliance with any applicable State of Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco licensing requirements.


Do I need liability insurance?
Yes, all clients must provide the college with liability insurance coverage in the amount of at least $1,000,000 and name the College as an additional insured. If the client does not carry liability insurance, an insurance charge will be assessed during the application process. All insurance paperwork must be submitted no later than 15 working days prior to set-up of any event.


What are the charges for use of the Conference Centers facilities?
Fees vary depending on the space required. Fees are charged for room rental, as well as other services and supplies. A conference services staff person will process your request and provide the estimated charges to you, in writing, at the time of reservation.


How do I pay?
Your completed application form must be submitted with a down payment of 25% of the estimated charges, as well as a damage deposit equal to 25% of the estimated charges. The damage deposit is fully refundable provided there is no damage to the facility or its equipment.


When will I receive my damage deposit refund?
The damage deposit is usually refunded within 10 working days after the event.


When must I make payment of the balance due?
Payment in full for the balance of the estimated fees (including any damage deposit) must be submitted no less that 10 working days prior to the event.


May I use my own caterer?
Yes. If a client chooses to use an outside caterer, the required caterer’s agreement must be reviewed and signed by the selected caterer. Also, the caterer must provide a copy of their license, insurance and health certificate two weeks prior to the event. It is the responsibility of the caterer to clean the floor and remove all trash and food items at the end of the event.


Do the Conference Centers provide decorations for events?
We do not provide decorating services; however, our sales staff is ready to suggest local vendors for your floral and decorating needs.


May I place signs and decorations on the walls?
Decorations may be used on tables and free-standing structures, such as easels, poles, etc. In order to preserve the elegance of our facilities, we do not allow any items to be applied to the walls, floors or ceiling of the facilities using nails, staples, tape or any other adhesive substance.


I expect guests in wheelchairs. Do you have ramp access?
All of CF’s conference facilities are handicap accessible, and we work to accommodate all persons with disabilities. Please call in advance, if you will require special assistance.

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