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Health Sciences Internet Resource List

Web Clip Art Home Page (http://webclipart.about.com/)
  This web site provides a variety of categories of clipart; medical clipart being among them.
Quia! Create your own learning activities! (http://www.quia.com/)
  This site is full of games and interactive activities in a variety of subjects. It also provides for the opportunity to create games and quizzes.
NursingCenter.com (http://www.nursingcenter.com/)
  This site provides links to professional nursing journals (AJN), professional nursing organizations, opportunities for continuing education credit, and forum discussions,.
RNWeb: An Online Community for Nurses...Nursing Topics (http://www.rnweb.com/)
  This web site features articles and resources from the journal RN as well as links to career opportunities and professional equipment stores.
Virtual Hospital Home Page (http://www.vh.org/)
  The University of Iowa Health Care provides this site which offers links to multimedia textbooks and patient simulations. It also offers information about medical problems that would be useful to healthcare providers.
Florida Nurses Association (http://floridanurse.org/)
  This site provides information about membership, conferences, legislative organizations activities, scholarships, professional licensure, and links to nursing resources.
Florida Department of Health (http://www.doh.state.fl.us/)
  This web site provides information about public health programs and services offered through the state of Florida. It also provides links to County Health Department Services.
National Health Information Center (http://www.health.gov/nhic/)
  This site is a health information referral service for healthcare professionals and consumers. It provides links to organizations, government offices, publications and policy documents intended to help answer questions.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Health Topics A-Z (http://www.cdc.gov/health/diseases.htm)
  This web site provides information on healthcare concerns and a vast number of specific diseases. It is updated on an ongoing basis.
National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (http://www.nfid.org/)
  This site features information on upcoming healthcare conferences, new and reemerging infectious diseases, as well as a virtual library of diseases.
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