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Our 37th Year



Academic Information

Language Courses, morning classes

Classes are limited to 18 students

SPN1120 Elementary Spanish I (4 credits) No Prerequisites
SPN1121 Elementary Spanish II (4 credits) Pre: One semester  of Spanish.
SPN2220 Intermediate Spanish I (4 credits) Pre: Two semester of Spanish.
SPN2221 Intermediate Spanish II (4 credits) Pre: Three semester of Spanish.
SPN2903 Spanish Conversation (3 credits) Pre: Three semester of Spanish.

Spanish CastleHUM2930 Spanish Culture and Civilization
(3 credits), afternoon class

This course represents an overall view of Spanish art, culture, geography, history and literature. Taught in English.


ARH2840 Introduction to Spanish Art (3 credits)
, morning class

This course is designed as an integrated survey of the visual arts, stressing the significance of the aesthetic experience of the western world. Representative tours and museum studies are selected in Madrid as an opportunity for cultural exposure. The cultural activities are required for the course.  Taught in English.

Participants are housed in double rooms as long as the space in the hotel and/or circumstances permit. The dormitory in Madrid has only single rooms.

Offering Students Courses In Language, Art, And Culture


The fee for credit courses is $105.10 per credit hour or $315.30 for a three-credit course and $420.40 for a four-credit course. Participants who have never before registered for credit courses at CF are also required to pay a one-time nonrefundable $30 application fee.


All participants must enroll as credit or audit (non-credit) students.

Teacher Recertification

Teachers may be able to earn recertification credits. Consult your certification specialist.


The main study portion of this program takes place in Madrid. Madrid is the political, legal and economic center of Spain and one of the leading capitals in Europe. The city, with its many leisure activities, museums and monuments provides a great setting from which to learn the language and culture of Spain. Participants will be housed and take classes at the Colegio Mayor Mara. The Mara is situated in Madrid's Ciudad Universitaria. Some of the dorm amenities are laundry room, dining room, snack bar, tennis court, pool, auditorium and basketball court.

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

Travel arrangements are coordinated by Foreign Study Programs Inc.

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