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Academic Foundations Student Life Skills


Credit Hour: 1

This course is for students who have ENC0001C/REA0001C preparatory course needs. The course will encourage and enlighten students with knowledge necessary for making successful adjustment to college by providing them with the tools and information necessary to navigate CF successfully.

Two Academic Foundations Students


SLS 1301 - Career Development
Credit Hour: 1

This course is for students who are undecided or need clarification in choosing a major course of study at a university and/or a career path. It includes the study of foundations of career development including choice, educational and life planning, personal and environmental assessment. Emphasis is given to personal experiences of students and to skills needed for effective academic, life, and career planning.

SLS 1501 - College & Career Success
Credit Hour: 3
This course is designed to build and reinforce skills necessary for college and career success. Topics include: learning styles, time management techniques, learning skills (reading, note-taking, critical thinking and writing), people skills (understanding diversity and relationships), and career planning.

Two Academic Foundations Students

SLS 1715 - Peer education/Leadership Training
Credit Hour: 1

This course trains Peer Educator participants to provide information and referral resource knowledge to other college students. Completion of this course is mandatory to maintain Peer Educator status.

SLS 2261 – Leadership Development
Credit Hour: 1

This course is for individuals who wish to develop their leadership skills. It is designed to aid students in increasing their understanding of themselves, and the theories and techniques of leadership and group processes. Topics include using logic and creativity in decision making, resolving conflict, time management, and leadership ethics. This course has a minimum writing requirement of 3,000 words. Successful completion of this course with a grade of “C” or above partially satisfies the requirements of SBE Rule 6A-10.30.

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