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Communications - English

The English faculty offers courses to stimulate your thinking and to meet your requirements for either an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree. The classes are designed to help you succeed in your education endeavors and in your career.

We offer basic courses in several categories within the Communication department, all focusing on the development of your Communication understanding and skills.

Freshman Composition: College freshman composition provides the CF student with study and practice in writing multi-paragraph essays with emphasis on exposition and research. Students examine selected readings as models of form for their own writings. These courses introduce the rhetorical concepts of invention, arrangement, style, and grammar as used in academic writing and introduce the basic concepts used in reading literature and in writing about literature. Upon completing freshman composition, students will display knowledge of writing multi-paragraph essays arranged in support of a thesis; will show a command of the research process; will use a variety of sentence patterns and transitions; and will write mechanically and grammatically correct essays in accordance with the conventions of standard, written American English. After successfully completing freshman composition, the CF student will understand the importance of written communications skills, develop critical thinking skills in forming an academic argument, and appreciate composition and literature as a complex art that offers opportunity for social observation and self-reflection.

Community of Scholars Honors Courses:  These courses include American, English, Modern, World and Children’s Literature, as well as Creative and Technical Writing and Public Speaking.

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