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Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) - Course Topics

Course Title: Classroom Management

Topics: record keeping, classroom management, school safety, Sunshine State Standards, creating content area objective based lesson plans, conducting parent conferences, assessment techniques, implications of FCAT and other standardized tests, professional ethics, school law and the teacher


Course Title: Instructional Strategies

Topics: learning styles, Bloom’s taxonomy, lesson plan development, varied instructional presentation styles, cooperative learning, group learning, contextual learning, project-based learning, behavioral management, accommodations for exceptional students


Course Title: Technology

Topics: computer based record keeping, multimedia presentations, content area instructional strategies, internet resources, web quests, webpage development, computer aided instruction, integration of technology in the learning process, copyright and fair use guidelines


Course Title: The Teaching and Learning Process

Topics: stages of theories development, learning theories, motivation and persistence, intelligence, exceptionalities, standardized testing, critical thinking, multiple intelligence, and second language acquisition


Course Title: Foundations of Language and Cognition (Reading Fundamentals)

Topics: evidence about learning to read, introduction to phonemes, morphemes, inflections, and derivations, strategies for teaching basic decoding, building vocabulary, techniques for building fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension, reading and writing connection, reading in the content areas


Course Title: Professional Foundations

Topics: history, philosophy, school governance, school finance, school law, ethics in excellence, purpose of schools, continuing professional development


Course Title: Field Experience

Topics: Participants will complete field experience in public, charter, or private schools. These field experiences will provide the opportunity to gain insight into the instructional process.


Course Title: Diversity in the Classroom

Topics: social class, religion, language, gender differences, cultural and ethnicity, physical differences, prejudice, multicultural teaching


Course Title: Field Experience

Topics: Participants will complete a series of experiences to give prospective teachers a perspective on the varied backgrounds of students in public schools. Cohorts will meet together to discuss these experiences and to relate them to their observations of students as well as student behaviors and interactions in the schools.

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